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Why do I need emergency lighting?

It is a statutory requirement that emergency lighting is installed in all business premises. There is a legal responsibility that:-

"All employers, landlords or occupiers under the Fire Precaution (Work Place) Regulations 1999 to carry out a risk assessment to ensure their premises can be evacuated quickly and safely in the event of an emergency".

Why do I need to have it tested?

The purpose of regular testing of your emergency lighting systems is, firstly, to ensure you continue to comply with regulations but - more importantly - to you, the person charged with the responsibility, is to ensure that your emergency lights remain ON and functional during a mains failure facilitating the save evacuation of your building.

Remember that failure to do so could result in prosecution in the event of an accident caused by non-compliance.

What do the regulations say?

Regulations on testing are covered by BS 5266, which details the requirements for emergency lighting.

Those requirements state that emergency lighting systems should be periodically tested and inspected to ensure that all luminaries operate correctly in power loss situations.

Can I test the emergency lighting system myself?

Well there are a number of checks that you can undertake yourself. Firstly it is recommended that the daily and monthly checks can be completed by the designated person with responsibility within the building.

The daily check involves completing a visual check of the emergency light indicators and the light fitting itself.

The monthly check should be for visible signs of damage to fittings and a quick operational test with any issues being recorded in a site log. (Full training on daily and monthly tests can be given and is surprisingly quick to undertake).

Who should complete the annual test and inspection?

In using a specialist company with competent fully trained staff to undertake your annual check you are insuring that your installation is up to date and continues to comply with current legislation.

Once we have completed the annual test and inspection we provide a full register of all emergency lights on site along with test results, a log book detailing tests completed to date and providing recording facilities and advice on monthly testing.

The log book should record the date of each inspections and test, date and details of any defects, action taken and detail any changes made to the installation.

What is a six month check?

A Six Month test can be undertaken in addition to the monthly and annual tests and will comprised of a full one hour duration test undertaken by a fully trained competent person.

An expert service...

As Emergency Lighting specialists, we have considerable expertise in the testing and inspection of these systems. From schools and colleges to commercial offices and retail premises, we provide organisations of all types with an ongoing programme of testing and certification, along with remedial works if required.

Experts in Emergency Lighting Sigma Networks holds full accreditation with NIC/EIC, which is the electrical industry's leading certification body, and ISO 9001, meaning we are regularly audited and accredited for quality and professionalism.

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